A few of the sub-projects FigureItOut Productions has undertaken are a series of videos regarding videogames.

These videos are not flashy or glamorous, but they get the job done!

Currently there are four sub-series.

First is a series called Keep Dreaming that is entirely about the Sega Dreamcast.

Second is a series called Gamerade that is nothing but helpful tips on videogames. Specifically items to buy and how to restore and repair things.

Third is a series called PlayLoad that is entirely about the game collection of Adam Koralik. He goes over items he’s picked up recently and talks openly about games.

Fourth is a series called UnBoxing that all about opening up games and consoles on camera with a little bit of history.

Click on the links to check out the series you want to see!

Adam also makes what he calls Videogame Console Generation Recaps, at first with an introductory video where he glances at the generation as a whole and then getting each console (as long as it is owned by him) its own detailed video, getting into the history and rumors of every individual system.