Adam is a film director first but also functions well as a writer/producer/editing and special effects supervisor/voice actor/screen actor. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2009 in four years as a directing major. He owns a production company called FigureItOut Productions based out of Chicago. He was born on December 8th, 1986 in Reno, Nevada.

Once said regarding Adam: Bad Movie Theatre should be on TV. I feel like this Adam Koralik guy should be doing short films for SNL or Mad TV. He will probably be the next Seth MacFarlane, and Seth is as rich as he is talented and funny so Adam is in good company. Keep up the great work, your fans are loyal and the wait will be worth it.”


Lactose Intolerance (2011) (also written and produced) – IMDb Page

College (2011) (also written and produced) – IMDb Page

The Lion’s Den (2011) (also written and produced) – IMDb Page

A Couple of Coots (2011) (also written and produced)

The Swashbuckler (2011) (also written and produced)

Bad Movie Theatre (2010 – 2011) (also written and produced) – IMDb Page

Pirates of the Copyright (2009) (also produced) – IMDb Page

The Flying Car (2009) (also produced) – IMDb Page

Henchmen (2009) (also produced) – IMDb Page

Astro-Nots (2008) (also produced and edited) – IMDb Page


House Call (2011) (Sphinx Productions)

Maybe We Should Go (2011)

Something New (2011)

Post-Impact (2009)IMDb Page

He has also worked for Blame Society Productions as crew, actor, and special effects supervisor. He has credits in Chad Vader Season 3 Episode 2, and just about every episode after that. He regularly is the entire crew for their series, Beer and Board Games.

Acting Appearances Outside of FigureItOut Productions:

Chad Vader – Season 3 Episode 6: Vampire Market – Adam plays a frustrated customer.
Yeshmin Goes Shopping – Adam plays a confused customer.