Blame Society

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Blame Society Productions is a production company based out of Madison, Wisconsin run by Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan.

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Chad Vader

They’re known best for creating the series “Chad Vader.” The premise of the show is about Darth Vader’s lesser known lame brother who runs a grocery store. Aaron Yonda plays the body of Vader while Matt Sloan provides the voice. Matt is considered so good at his reproduction of Darth Vader’s voice, he is often hired by LucasArts for their videogames and press events to portray Vader.

We’ve helped to create several episodes for them, all from season three.

One of our contributions was to help on the set with crew work. (From helping with lighting to getting people coffee.)

We also did most, if not all, their special effects for the third season.

Finally, Adam Koralik even acted in an episode of the show!

eHal With Hal Thompson

Additionally we’ve helped with another series of theirs called “eHal With Hal Thompson.”

The premise is about a man named Hal Thompson who is a self-proclaimed expect on all things strange. People will ask him questions and he tends to give bizarre and humorous answers.

For this series we’ve helped to shoot several marathon episodes such as “Hal-oween”, in which Hal would answer questions all day on Halloween. As well as “Hal Year’s Eve” which was a similar premise, but on new year’s eve of 2010.

Beer and Board Games

Adam Koralik also regularly pops into various episodes of another series called “Beer and Board Games” as the “Beer Wench.” He is also the only member of the crew on the show.


A parody of a certain “myth” show that we can’t mention. We’ve worked on crew, done special effects, and even acted as zombies.

Miscellaneous Videos

We have also worked on several videos for them that are not part of a series. You can see them all by clicking the link above.