Collaboration Work

FigureItOut Productions loves to work with other filmmakers and those seeking film production.

Here are a list of other production companies or groups we’ve worked with.

Game Society Pimps, founded by Adam Koralik and Emre Cihangir of Figure It Out Productions, and Aaron Yonda of Blame Society Productions. The company focuses on comedic gameplay and among the biggest hits are “Skyrim for Pimps” and “Obama Plays”.

Blame Society Productions, they’re known best for creating the series “Chad Vader.” We’ve helped to create several episodes for them. Additionally we’ve helped with a few other series of theirs including “eHal With Hal Thompson” , “Beer and Board Games”, and “Mythpunchers.”

Sphinx Productions, owned by Erik L Wilson. Best known for House Call and Mr. Prick.

TMU Pictures, owned by Michael B. Chait. They make incredible special effects heavy projects that we’re happy to be a part of.

Isaac Cohen, he is an independent writer/director who makes commercial spots.